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Assistant Director, Planning & Assessment


DELTA — North Carolina State University


United States

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My research interests are comprised of visual culture, image text relationships, faculty training, qualitative research, distance education and course redesign for improving student learning in higher education. I continue to illustrate medical and clinical texts when requested and I have an art studio where I work in oil to paint portraits, still life subjects, vintage subject matter, and narrative scenes.


I work as the Assistant Director for Planning and Assessment in Distance Education and Learning Technology Applications (DELTA) at NC State University. My role is to provide leadership, strategic direction and support to DELTA’s Senior Management Team and DELTA Directors/Managers in research and assessment including the evaluation and implementation of DELTA’s strategic plans and assessment activities for DELTA’s DE Services, Course Redesign, and DE programs and courses. I provide consultation services to DE faculty, DE program directors and departments and colleges to assist in the development of DE assessment activities. I have extensive experience collaborating with faculty and staff across campus to support the development, delivery and evaluation of blended, redesigned, and online courses.

I hold a Ph.D. from the Department of Art Education, a M.A. in Visual Communication Design, and a B.S. in Allied Medicine/Medical Illustration from The Ohio State University. I maintain an Adjunct Assistant Professor teaching appointment in the College of Design where I teach graduate research, life drawing and intermediate drawing.