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Dr. Ojeda Ayala has been affiliated to the University of the Sacred Heart
(USC), in San Juan, Puerto Rico, since January, 1974. She completed her
doctoral degree at Purdue University in Indiana. Her area of specialization
was the Instructional Research and Development field. She also has a Masters
in Psychology in Education from Teachers College, Columbia University, and
her B.A from the University of Puerto Rico. She has dedicated her
professional life to optimizing teaching and learning processes in schools
and other educational contexts, emphazasing on technology’s contribution to
the positive transformation of educational practices. In 1985 Dr. Ojeda
Ayala, along other colleagues, established the first Graduate Program in
Instructional Systems and Educational Technology in Puerto Rico and the
Caribbean at the University of the Sacred Heart. She is past President to the
Association for Communications and Educational Technology of Puerto Rico
(AECT-PR). She has also contributed to organizations working for economic and
urban development in Puerto Rico. She has served as Director for the
Department of Education, Coordinator of the Graduate Program, and Director
for various federally funded projects at USC, aimed at training and
development of teachers and other school personnel on the integration of
technologies to facilitate educational transformation. Dr. Ojeda Ayala has
been a consultant for evaluation of educational programs, educational and
instructional program design, test development, and development of systems
for programmatic assessment. She has also been a tests administrator for the
Educational Testing Service, and was President of the Professional
Competencies Committee for the first Teachers’ Certification Exam
administered by the College Board of Puerto Rico. She has also worked on
instructional designs and doing research for industry. Her research interests
are oriented towards the study of cognitive processes mediated by Technology
and the study of virtual learning environments.