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Associate Provost of Educational Technology and Innovation


School of Art Institute of Chicago


United States

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Alan Labb was Director of the Department of Computer Resources and Information Technologies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) for five years, before being appointed to a hybrid position in 2001 that allowed him to continue as a technology planner for SAIC, while also serving as full-time faculty in the Photography Department. He was promoted to Associate Dean of Technology in 2007, Associate Provost of Educational Technologies and Innovation in 2012, and since then has endeavored to integrate his efforts as an administrator and instructor, to enhance the School’s capacity for incorporating technological advancements into its diverse and transdisciplinary curricula.

As a technology planner, Labb utilizes his pedagogical experience and understanding of the creative process to act as an agent of change for institutional advancement. Along with fellow faculty member John Manning, he was largely responsible for the successful collaboration between the City of Chicago, Jaume Plensa and SAIC that made Millennium Park’s Crown Fountain one of the most prominent sculptures in Chicago. In addition, Labb has served on the educational advisory boards for Adobe, Apple,, Iomega, Harold Washington City College of Chicago, and Chicago’s Gallery 312. He has also consulted for numerous educational institutions, including: Hexagram Institute Research Centres; the Glasgow School of Art; Ontario College of Art and Design; Columbus College of Art and Design; and the College for Creative Studies. In 2012, Labb proposed, and co-organized the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design (AICAD) Technology Forum at SAIC.

Labb received his BFA, Cum Laude, in Photography in 1988 from the University of New Mexico, and his MFA in Photography in 1990 from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His work explores the dynamics between autobiography, body image and gender and in his most recent work, historical contextualization through site-specific installation. Labb’s work has been exhibited at: Avu Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, Prague; SF Camerawork, San Francisco; Schneider Gallery, Chicago; Contemporary Art Gallery, University of Connecticut; University of Indiana; Temple Art Gallery, Tyler University; and the Bridge Center of Contemporary Art, El Paso, among others. Labb has been featured in numerous publications including SF Camerawork Quarterly, Luna Cornea Quarterly, AfterImage, Hyphen Magazine, Chicago Reader, The Albuquerque Journal, and many more. He received an Illinois Arts Council Fellowship in 2000, and was named an Apple Distinguished Educator in Higher Education in 2005.