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Stone Magnet Middle School


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Son of one of the early space engineers at Kennedy Space Center… Mr. Shupe was born in Melbourne, FL and grew up on South Merritt Island in the shadow of Cape Kennedy’s Manned Space Program. Hobby interests have been the individual water sports: surfing, SCUBA diving, water skiing, snowboarding, etc.

Shupe studied marine biology, psychology, science education and skateboarding at Florida State University. During his senior year at FSU and after graduation, Mr. Shupe worked a brief time as a field researcher for NOAA and completed masters studies in education at Florida Institute of Technology.
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Professionally, in addition to teaching the sciences for 32 years at the secondary level, Mr. Shupe has two decades experience as a middle school technology director in a 1:1 (computer:student) environment. He has provided hundreds of computer application workshops (including 7 years of traveling to nearly 300 K20 educational institutions in 30 different states on behalf of Apple Professional Development). He served as a part of Florida’s Sunshine State Science Standards and Technology Standards expert committees, 8 years of adjunct experience teaching both graduate and undergraduate methods classes for Computer Science and Secondary Science Education.

Shupe’s most recent recognition was from to become one of their select few regional Computer Science Facilitators. In 2013, Mr. Shupe was of 22 globally acknowledged New Media Consortium K12 Ambassadors. He also very active in the Global Apple Distinguished Educator Community (Class of 2003). An additional professional career highlight occurred in 1994 as an Access Excellence Fellow: the National Science Teachers Association chose two Biology teachers from a competitive process in each state at the bequest of Genentech Corp. This cadré was charged with a three year initiative to establish a science educator’s online community in the mid 1990’s. Mr. Shupe became the online collaborations coordinator for this pioneer online science education community.

Mr. Shupe is passionate about the role of Visual Literacy in learning and knowledge retention. He has leadership experience in leveraging the power of the network to take students outside the four walls of their classroom. He has coordinated Global Photo Contests in several different content subject areas in Secondary Education, inter-state science experiments with data collection, crowd sourcing/funding/marketing with social networks. He has considerable experience in video production, web servers and website design, databases, and creative design.