NMC Academy Workshops
These extended-length workshops provide attendees the chance to explore a topic in depth or participate in hands-on training in a variety of new software programs. NMC Academy workshops require advance registration and payment of a special fee in addition to the normal Summer Conference registration fees. NMC Academy Workshops will be held Tuesday, June 13.

Breakout Sessions
Breakout sessions are 60 minute presentations in a dedicated room. Time should be allowed for a 10-minute question and answer period at the end of a breakout session. Sessions can include presentations, panel discussions, and bring your own device sessions.
Five Minutes of Fame
The NMC’s signature event is back again in its original format! Demo your project in five minutes ’cause when the gong sounds, your Five Minutes of Fame are up! Technology blasts by fast and furious in this fun-filled and entertaining event. Short as it sounds, in five minutes you’ll have time to talk about your project’s significance; the choices you made in choosing the tools you used; challenges you faced in bringing it to fruition; and how it has been used and might be replicated and/or scaled — but remember that the clock is ticking! Projects can include web-based courseware or learning objects; techniques for creating, managing and distributing content; and other creative applications of new media. Faculty projects are especially encouraged. As many as 10 projects will be featured, so add yours to the mix! The Five Minutes of Fame session will be held on Thursday, June 15. Check out last year’s line-up by clicking play on the below video.

Idea Lab

Again this year, the conference will feature an Idea Lab for all attendees. The Idea Lab is a dynamic place where creativity flows! In this Lab, submissions can take shape in several forms, such as Posters, Concepts and Ideas, or hands-on projects. The Idea Lab exhibits are a form of artistic expression whether digital, analog, or hybrid. Ideas are not only shared but also born in the Lab, as well as a place for rich one-on-one discussions around new concepts and ideas.

The Idea Lab provides an opportunity to showcase your school campus or museum projects, ideas and innovations. All participants will be evaluated by a group of peer judges. If you choose to create a poster, the finished size of your poster should be no larger than 48″ x 96″. Feel free to bring hands-on resources and activities that give the attendee experience with your new media projects and materials, including online tools, research, and rich content. Artistic pieces are also encouraged, especially those that represent digital, technology and new media works. Wireless Internet connectivity will be available for all presentations in the Idea Lab. If you need to use projection for your presentation, you will be required to bring your own projector and screen. The event will be held on Wednesday, June 14 and winners for the Idea Lab will be announced at the Five Minutes of Fame session the next day.