Pre-conference Workshops

These extended-length workshops provide attendees the chance to explore a topic in depth or participate in hands-on training in a variety of new software programs. Pre-conference workshops require advance registration and payment of a special fee in addition to the normal NMC Summer Conference registration fees. The workshops will be held Tuesday, June 12, 2018.

50-Minute Breakout Sessions

A full-length dive into a layered, complex idea or initiative that is communicated in an engaging, accessible way via a lecture, panel, or discussion-driven facilitation. 50 minutes is a long time so be prepared with substantial material that will sustain people’s attention span. Think about how you personally react to a variety of breakout sessions and then strategize how to involve your participants in meaningful ways.

30-Minute Breakout Sessions

A short and sweet share-out of a program or project that is making a real impact at your institution/organization — or — setting the stage for a unique vision of the future with a clear call to action.

NMC Jam Sessions (30 Minutes)

Informal get-togethers that are the conference equivalent of coffee/beer with buddies while you fervently discuss a learning-focused topic you’re passionate about. Reflect on a particular subject that would benefit from friendly discourse and be prepared to lead the group with discussion points or questions. You may be the lead singer of this Jam Session, but it’ll be even better with guitar, bass, piano, drums, etc.

Five Minutes of Fame

Five Minutes of Fame is the NMC’s iconic event, forcing traditionally prolific academic discussions to be made short and sweet. Share your exciting edtech project or idea in a highly energetic and engaging five-minute dose — similar to a TED or Pecha Kucha-style talk. This is NOT merely a lecture. This is reminiscent of the early 1900s when the townspeople would gather around the newcomer who had come into the town square to pitch his/her magical potion. But with technology. If you think your project/idea is brilliant, you got to really SELL IT. Tread carefully; if a FMOF presenter goes over five minutes, we bang a giant gong and laugh them off the stage. Yes, seriously.

Idea Lab

The Idea Lab captures the best in big thinking from the NMC community. Learn about the latest edtech projects through interactives, posters, and formats that showcase how the future of learning is happening right now. Think of the Idea Lab as the NMC museum, and you’re the artist who’s there to answer questions and share your experiences as visitors wander through. Presentation and medium is everything; if the right patron stumbles upon your work, they may just turn into a collaborator.