Do you manage, supervise, hire, or recruit recent college graduates? Are you interested in helping us explore how digital literacy skills impact recent graduates on the job? This spring, the NMC is conducting research into the impact of higher education digital literacy programs and experiences on the success of recent graduates (one-to-two years post-graduation) in the workforce. This research will contribute to the body of knowledge used by the higher education community to inform strategic planning around digital literacy initiatives with the goal of bolstering the skills graduates have when they enter the workforce.

As part of this project, the NMC is creating a survey targeted to managers, supervisors, hiring managers, and recruiters to be disseminated in April 2017. The survey will ask questions about your experiences with and impressions on working with recent college graduates. We are looking for professionals who fit this description to take and even help share the brief survey.

The results of the survey will be published under a Creative Commons license in an NMC Horizon Project Strategic Brief.


  • You and your company’s participation will be gratefully acknowledged in the published work (with your consent).
  • You will have early access to the survey data.
  • You will have an opportunity to share info about the digital skills needed and highlighted on your team or at your company for potential inclusion in the report.

Can we count you in?

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