Measuring Learning > An NMC Horizon Project Strategic Brief

The report Measuring Learning > An NMC Horizon Project Strategic Brief was commissioned by HP to inform educators, policymakers, and economists.  A new vision of assessment is emerging around the concept of national learning “data ecosystems” that push information up from individual learning activities, classrooms, and schools, and merge it at key points with local and national economic, social, and technical data. The goal of this special report is to understand the promise that vision holds, to examine the challenges that must be solved and the systemic gaps that must be bridged, and to offer a set of guidelines and practical, nationally focused recommendations to senior educational leaders and policymakers.

The recommendations in this brief include building national policy frameworks that identify areas in which legislation, policy, or regulations are needed — and ensure they align with key national goals and priorities. Ultimately, the most important recommendation is for school policymakers and leaders to begin to think about education and the potential of technology-enhanced learning from a systemic level.

NMC Strategic Briefs provide analyses and summaries of timely educational technology topics, trends, challenges, and developments.

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