Based on conversations with NMC Directors, this guide addresses what it means for a center to have impact; describes ways to identify impact; and presents seven strategies for maximizing impact.

> Download Maximizing Campus Impact: Lessons from the Trenches

This monograph, the final report of the 21st Century Literacy Summit held in April 2005, presents an action plan for this emerging field, and details the strategic priorities and recommendations that were the summit's major outcomes.

> Download A Global Imperative: The Report of the 21st Century Literacy Summit

This monograph provides practical suggestions and tips for authors of learning objects. Included topics are learning objects, pedagogical and design considerations, standards, metadata, inter-operability, and reusability.

> Download Guidelines For Authors of Learning Objects (PDF)

An overview of learning objects and their value introduces an analysis of the systemic challenges inhibiting the realization of a functional economy in learning objects; the essential components of such an economy are identified.

> Download Elusive Vision: Challenges Impeding the Learning Object Economy (PDF)

This collection of summarized articles and annotated weblinks provides a primer on e-learning and learning objects; key organizations, large scale initiatives, and projects; and summaries of selected articles and papers.

> Download A Traveler's Guide to the Learning Object Landscape (PDF)