Proposal Submission
All proposals must be submitted through the online proposal system — with no exceptions.  The main presenter and each co-presenter must have an account on the NMC website in order to complete the proposal. Aspiring NMC conference presenters who do not yet have an account should create an account before starting the proposal submission process.

Session Title
If your proposal is accepted, the title of the presentation may affect whether or not people elect to attend. Please choose a punchy title that accurately describes your presentation, using no more than eight words. NMC standardizes capitalization in titles, e.g. “The Use of Title Case for Session Titles.”

Session Description
The proposal description should be one succinct paragraph containing no more than 100 words. The standard NMC format avoids the use of first person pronouns (“I will…” “We talk about…”), referring instead to “the presenters” or “this session.”  Be as specific as you can about what people in the audience will experience, do, or learn. This is the paragraph that will be used in the conference program. You can add additional detail in the session plan and format of the submission form.

“Five Minutes of Fame” Submissions
All Five Minutes of Fame proposals should include a ~two-minute video showcasing you as a highly engaging speaker. A clip from a previous presentation or something new is acceptable. Think of this format as a mini keynote!

Additional Suggestions
When writing your proposal, keep these points in mind:

  • The description should be concise, accurate, self-contained, and coherent;
  • Use a clear and direct style with an active voice;
  • Include a statement on how you plan to engage the audience;
  • Describe who will benefit from attending this session;
  • Include a clear statement of what attendees will learn; and
  • Write so that conference reviewers and attendees will become instantly engaged in your presentation, knowing it will be valuable, interesting, relevant and unique. (All in 100 words!)
  • Make sure to include any relevant attachments and links for your presentation when you submit the proposal.

Proposal Submission Instructions

  • You MUST have an account to submit a proposal and then be logged in to the NMC website
  • Co-presenters must also have an account to be included in the submission. You may invite a co-presenters to create an account if not found through the search form.
  • Enter your proposal here
  • IMPORTANT:  When you have completed entering your proposal, please click on “View and Submit Proposal” and make sure all fields are completed. Then hit “Submit”.
  • The deadline to submit your proposal is Sunday, February 4, 2018.


  • The Call for Proposals will open Monday, November 27, 2017
  • The Call for Proposals will close on Sunday, February 4, 2018.
  • Presenters will be notified in mid-March 2018.

Proposal Acceptance

If your proposal is accepted:

  • You will be notified in March 2018.
  • Each presenter will need to register and pay appropriate registration and travel fees to attend the conference.
  • One conference registration for each preconference workshop will be free of charge.
  • Each presenter must agree to present on the day assigned, unless other arrangements are made in advance.
  • All handouts and materials for your presentation must be attached to your proposal submission prior to the conference (NMC does not print materials; this is to make your materials available electronically during and after the conference).
  • Each presenter must respond promptly to all speaker requests sent out by NMC staff.

If you have any questions please contact us at or use our form.

Photo by Tom Woodward