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Saraiva is a public Brazilian company with approximately 6,000 employees. Celebrating its centennial year in 2014, Saraiva provides content for basic, technical, and higher education, and leads the market as a provider for law education. The company creates and distributes content and provides technology and services for publishing and retail businesses. Saraiva’s educational solutions integrate innovative technologies, such as adaptive learning and digital library subscriptions, and it provides specific content for distance learning.  With 115 stores in 17 Brazilian states and the Federal District, Saraiva is Brazil’s largest retailer of content, culture, and entertainment. Since the launch of its e-commerce platform in 1998, Saraiva has operated with an integrated, multichannel approach, which provides customers with products and services online or in its physical stores. The company offers a rich selection of literature, stationery, music, movies, games and software, mobile phones, electronics, technology, magazines, as well as mobile phone credits, tickets to shows, gift cards, prepaid cards, insurance, technical assistance, recorded delivery and home delivery.


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Saraiva is a public Brazilian company with approximately...
Saraiva is a public Brazilian company with approximately...