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Hippasus is a consulting firm, founded by Dr. Ruben R. Puentedura, designed to help transform education by combining a broad range of information technologies with novel educational approaches and a set of rigorous metrics for the evaluation of results. Hippasus brings together expertise from the realms of technology, pedagogy, and administration. Because of this, Hippasus can avoid overly narrow approaches, allowing theoretical design, practical implementation, and evaluation of results to function as a seamless process. Drawing upon more than a decade of original research into new media-based solutions, and two decades of applied research into pedagogical approaches, Hippasus can boast a range of experience, conceptual frameworks, and solutions not currently provided by other firms. Finally, Hippasus views education as an essential component of the life of any growing, vital institution. Thus, in addition to K-12 and higher education institutions, libraries and museums, Hippasus also considers its clientele to include emerging technology companies.