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ETH Library, established in 1855, is the main library serving the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zürich) and the largest public natural scientific and technical library in Switzerland. It has a major influence on technical developments in Swiss libraries in general. The extensive information resources held by ETH Library range from traditional media such as printed books and journals to electronic data resources. The collections cover all the specialist fields of education and research at ETH Zürich: Architecture and Civil Engineering, Engineering Sciences, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, System-oriented Natural Sciences, and Management and Social Sciences. ETH Library is in charge of the long-term preservation of ETH Zürich’s scientific and cultural heritage in digital form in the ETH Data Archive and provides advice on data management.


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The Release of the NMC Horizon Report > 2015 Library Edition
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ETH Library, established in 1855, is the main library...
ETH Library, established in 1855, is the main library...
The NMC Horizon Report: 2014 Library Edition, examines key trends, significant challenges, and emerging technologies for their potential impact on academic and research libraries worldwide. While there are many local factors affecting libraries, there are also issues that transcend regional boundaries and common questions; it was with these questions in mind that this report was created.