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The Doug Engelbart Institute* was launched in 1988 by Doug Engelbart and his daughter Christina Engelbart to further his lifelong career goal of boosting our ability to better address complex, urgent problems. As he saw it, both the rate and the scale of change are increasing very rapidly worldwide, and we as a people must get that much faster and smarter at anticipating, assessing, and responding to important challenges collectively if we are to stay ahead of the curve, and thrive as a planet. In other words, we must get faster and smarter at boosting our Collective IQ.1

It is along this chosen career path that Doug Engelbart became prominent as a pioneer of the digital age. Best known for inventing the computer mouse, he and his research team at SRI were responsible for many pioneering firsts, originally showcased in his now-famous 1968 Demo. More on this story in our History, Archives, Library and Press Clippings pages, which are dedicated to conserving and chronicling the past.