Cornell University

Academic Tier 1 Member |
Member since 1994
Academic Technology Center
215 CCC, Garden Avenue
Ithaca , NY 14853-2601
607-255-9145 (fax)

Academic Technologies in the Office of the CIO supports the academic mission of Cornell University by supporting use of technology for teaching and learning. Academic Technologies staff have expertise in both learning technologies and pedagogy to assist faculty with instructional technology implementation, developing instructional projects and digital course materials, sharing effective practices, and conducting research on effective uses of technology for teaching and learning. (

Academic Technologies provides instructional technology services, support and consulting services for learning technologies that facilitate:

  • – innovation in active learning strategies
  • – new methods of communication and collaboration
  • – efficient and effective use of tools that engage students
  • – improved course management systems
  • – exploration of research strategies and solutions

Academic Technologies regularly reviews and evaluates the impact and effectiveness of instructional technologies on the teaching and learning experiences, and shares these findings with the campus community.

This unit is also Cornell’s New Media Center.   We have several projects/initiatives through the  Innovation in Teaching Program.