Sponsorship of the NMC Horizon Project positions your organization as a thought leader in education technology, aligning you with a highly reputable, long-running research initiative that engages education stakeholders from all over the world. The NMC’s publications and events spark substantive discussions around ideas that drive educational change. Sponsors are not just a part of those conversations; they are recognized as leaders. Access sponsorship opportunities and pricing, and then become a sponsor using the form on this page.

The Subject Matter

The NMC Horizon Project is organized by statements that reflect the larger movements in education — the big picture. These impact statements (listed below) guide the subject matter of our publications and events.

At a Glance

A summary of sponsorship opportunities is below. For more details and pricing, access the full document. Ready? Contact us about becoming a sponsor.

NMC Horizon Report > Higher Education Edition (global)
The NMC’s flagship annual publication that examines the trends, challenges, and technology developments across Higher Ed. Includes the release event (+ the additional cost of travel expenses if event is f2f). View example.

NMC Technology Outlook (regional, with foreign language edition option)
A deep dive into the educational technology landscape of a specific region or country; the publication profiles 12 developments in technology as well as summaries of trends and challenges progressing or hindering those developments. Includes the release event and an additional option for foreign language workspace set-up and review/publishing of a foreign language edition. View example.

Strategic Brief (single or series)
Analyses and summaries of timely educational technology themes. The information presented is intended to provide the freshest analyses and perspectives available with recommendations included. View example.

Toolkit (single or series)
A publication or series of publications with practical tips and models on how to solve/implement a single challenge, trend, or technology, e.g. “Creating a Model for Using Artificial Intelligence at Your University.” View example.

Beyond the Horizon Event (single or series)
A live online event or series of live online professional development events on timely educational technology themes. The NMC records events and they are turned into videos that can be leveraged for a range of purposes. View past event recordings.

Become a Sponsor

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