The NMC Horizon Project charts the landscape of emerging technologies for teaching, learning, and creative inquiry. Launched in 2002, it epitomizes the mission of the NMC to help educators and thought leaders across the world build upon the innovation happening at their institutions by providing them with expert research and analysis.

Originally intended as an internal project to keep our staff and members updated on the latest educational technology research, NMC CEO Larry Johnson realized that the resources uncovered could greatly aid learning-focused institutions everywhere. The idea was born to encompass all of this work into a free and open publication that could be accessed by all. The inaugural Horizon Project publication, NMC Horizon Report > Higher Education Edition, was released in 2004, and it examined six technologies predicted to impact colleges and universities for the next five years.

The higher education report was so well received by policy makers, practitioners, and thought leaders that the NMC decided make it an annual publication. In 2009, the NMC added a K-12 edition to the series to explore pressing topics in pre-college education, or primary and secondary education. Shortly after, in 2010, the Museum edition was launched to analyze technology uptake as it affected museum education and interpretation.

It quickly became apparent that there was need for this kind of timely research in every learning sector and region of the world. As a result, the new NMC Technology Outlook series was founded in 2011. These publications focus on the future landscape of learning in particular regions and are a product of collaborations between the NMC and innovative organizations across the world that leverage the well-known medium of the NMC Horizon Report to bring important research, trends, and challenges in their regions to light. The series furthers the NMC’s goal of driving innovation in every part of the world.