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Also be sure to participate in ROAM – the official conference game! Check back on this page throughout the conference for more tips.

NMCorg RT @tytonpartners: Looking to improve the quality of #digitallearning in #highered? Check out #CWincontext new and improved! https://t.co/t
NMCorg RT @CoSN: The time is now to redesign learning spaces. Take a deep dive into this topic with the @NMCorg Horizon Report. https://t.co/RxlPi
NMCorg RT @CoSN: A focus group can help your team get honest feedback on the @NMCorg #HorizonReport and where your district stands. https://t.co/R
NMCorg RT @Teachmaxwright: The @NMCorg Horizon Report is out https://t.co/5zqGPTMCCM Its whats coming in K12 #edtech This is important research, a…
NMCorg Great discussion 2day abt how 2 support adjuncts. Can institutions provide an on-boarding process, mentors, transferable PD/certs? #DLNchat
NMCorg Don't miss out! Our next BTH webinar is coming up on 10/18 -- it's free to register & you can do so now at: https://t.co/d6dQfqscMC
NMCorg Thanks to all who joined today's BTH & major shoutout to our wonderful presenters @eagano, @brobest & @MartinKurzweil! #DLNchat
NMCorg Highlight from todays BTH - just in time training/support for adjuncts is vital to the successful deployment of online courses #DLNchat
NMCorg Highlights from what we learned in the breakout sessions focus on how to support adjuncts - first identify, outreach, & follow-up #DLNchat
NMCorg "Only 14% of part-time faculty is receiving professional development funds & only 1/5 received compensation for advising students" #DLNchat
NMCorg Up next is @eagano from @UCLA sharing research studies & statistics about adjuncts/part-time faculty's role in the university #DLNchat
NMCorg RT @laurapasquini: Watching @NMCorg webinar: Supporting adjunct faculty @ scale for #onlinelearning: https://t.co/2514VDvwlG & https://t.co
NMCorg How do adjuncts get the "just-in time training" they need to launch an online/hybrid class? 1st step: partner w/ IT dept -@brobest #DLNchat
NMCorg .@brobest from @ULaVerne is up first, stating "My focus is to train & inspire adjuncts" - What supports do you think adjuncts need? #DLNchat