We’re pleased to announce the newest NMC Academy course, “SAMR: Redefine e-Learning,” led by NMC Henderson Prize winner and K-12 Ambassador Jonathan Nalder. This free, online course will introduce participants to the renowned SAMR model of integrating technology into learning environments.

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The SAMR model has been developed by Dr Ruben Puentedura to equip educators to analyze technology in order to discover how effective it is at supporting learning. It does this by detailing a framework with four levels that teachers can engage with to take full advantage of what new technology can offer students.

S is for Substitution, where tech acts as a direct tool substitute, with no functional change.
A is for Augmentation, where tech is still a tool substitute, but there is some functional change.
M is for Modification, where tech allows for significant learning task redesign.
R is for Redefinition, where the capabilities of the tech being employed allow for the creation of new tasks that where previously inconceivable.

The course aims to introduce participants to this model, and show them how to A. Use it to plan for best practice technology use, OR B. Audit and revitalise existing eLearning programs.

“By hearing from Dr Ruben himself on what problem he designed SAMR to solve, and by engaging in practical activities themselves, participants will come away with the knowledge they need to strengthen their own planning and program-auditing, all to the benefit of students and enhanced learning that takes full advantage of what schools and institutions have invested in technology,”said course leader, Jonathan Nalder.


About the NMC Academy
The NMC Academy is a fresh approach to accelerate professional learning among educators, providing personalized and powerful online and offline experiences that inspire and transform teaching practices. The NMC Academy’s courses and events are hosted by a variety of education leaders and specifically designed for busy teachers and faculty, along with museum and library professionals.

About The Author

Samantha Adams Becker, Senior Director of Communications for the NMC, is the Director of the NMC Horizon Project and lead writer and researcher for the NMC Horizon Report series, which analyzes emerging technology uptake in various education sectors across the globe. She has an expertise in digital communications, with a special interest in e-publishing, social media, and online learning. In 2013, she taught the first online course ever to exclusively take place in Facebook, which was geared towards training education professionals to integrate social media into their teaching practices. Previous to the NMC, Samantha facilitated the digitization of books and periodicals for several of the world’s largest publishers and was the managing editor of a lifestyle magazine.