We love NMCers, and this winter we’ve been feeling the love right back! The NMC’s first ever crowdfunding campaign concluded on January 31, 2015, having raised $3,301– an amount that received a generous $1,000 boost from our strategic partner Autodesk, bringing the grand total to $4,301.

Created to raise money for the NMC Horizon Report > 2015 Higher Education Edition, the Indiegogo campaign kicked off December 22, 2014 to fund the report’s publication cycle, and most importantly, to expand the reach of the NMC Horizon Report from five million educators to ten million this year.

We are overwhelmed with gratitude for passionate NMCers and those who are actively working with us to make change. The NMC Horizon Report is a truly collaborative effort, and every single donor’s support goes toward bringing knowledge of innovation in teaching and learning to educators everywhere.

We’d like to pay special recognition to the following contributors with a big thank you:

Carl Berger
Carole Burns
Emory Craig
Mark Fink
Sharon Hu
Timothy Logan
Erik Mooji
Jonathan Nalder
Liz Neely
Ruben Puentedura
Paul Signorelli
Barry Silverberg
Peggy Snyder
Daniel Torres
Alan Wolf
Daniel Zellner

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