At the 2015 NMC Summer Conference in Washington, D.C., the Idea Lab captured the best in big thinking from the NMC community. Attendees learned about the latest edtech projects through interactives, posters, and all kinds of formats that showcased how the future of learning is happening right now. There were nearly 30 entries in this year’s Idea Lab, and we’re pleased to announce the seven big winners:

Bring It On – A Formula for Successful BYOD Programming in Museums
Scott Sayre (Corning Museum of Glass)

Dickinson Makes – Connecting Campus Makerspaces
Brenda Landis (Dickinson College) | Andrew Petrus (Dickinson College)

Don’t Just Upload Your Videos, Annotate Them!
Sharon Hu (University of British Columbia) | Thomas Dang (University of British Columbia)

Exploring Visualization: Creating A Cross-Disciplinary Collaborative Course Enhanced By Technology
Dolores Fidishun (Pennsylvania State University) | William Cromar (Penn State Abington)
Jacob Benfield (Pennsylvania State University)

Leveraging 3D Technologies For Learning
Kirsten Butcher (University of Utah) | Madlyn Runburg (University of Utah)

Making Real from Real: Three “Tangible” Experiments from the Special Collection of the Kelvin Smith Library at Case Western Reserve University
Jared Bendis (Case Western Reserve University) | Melissa Hubbard (Case Western Reserve University)

Modding Games: Creating Historical Scenarios in Civilization V
Todd Bryant (Dickinson College)

Congratulations, Idea Lab winners! And a special thanks to all our judges, led by the talented Wendy Shapiro.

Idea Lab winners