Currently by invitation only

The NMC connects people at the intersection of imagination and technology to spark innovation, learning, and creativity. We engage with our community through programs and events, with our flagship event being the annual NMC Summer Conference. This is supplemented by regularly scheduled online events with occasional face-to-face events. We also engage our community through recognition and awards, including our NMC Fellows, K-12 Ambassadors, and Center for Excellence programs. The NMC Engagement Advisory Group (AG) is responsible for recommending strategic directions and tactical suggestions for the ways in which the NMC can best engage our community with valuable opportunities for learning and recognition.


  • Current NMC members who have participated at least three NMC programs, events, or recognition activities in the last five years.
  • Board members who have at least two years remaining on their board terms.
  • Special appointment by the NMC Executive Director.

*Participants must maintain active membership status while serving.

The NMC project lead will chair this Advisory Group.

Term and Commitment
Advisory Group participants will hold two-year terms. Monthly conference calls, ad hoc asynchronous advice, an annual F2F or virtual retreat, and an NMC Summer Conference (hybrid, face-to-face, and virtual) meet-up are expected. Anticipated commitment is approximately 20 hours annually. Terms will commence in June at the NMC Summer Conference where three incoming participants will replace three outgoing participants. Nominations will be accepted year-round and Advisory Group selection will take place in April.

Note: The inaugural charter Advisory Group will include three community members who will serve October 2017 to June 2019, three community members who will serve October 2017 to June 2020, and one board member who will serve October 2017 to June 2019. Subsequent participants will serve two-year terms as long as eligibility requirements are maintained.

Participants have the potential to influence the strategic direction of the NMC Summer Conference and other key engagement activities and programs. Advisory Group participation is a unique leadership opportunity for NMC members to share their experience, exercise their opinions, apply their insights, and amplify their voices in ways to make NMC events and programs more meaningful than ever. Participation is also a way to network and connect with a small group of engaged NMCers. AG participants are recognized on the NMC website. All work is done on a voluntary basis and any required travel will be assumed by the NMC.

How to Participate
For now, appointment to this inaugural AG is by invitation only. In the future, those interested in participating who meet the eligibility and commitment criteria above, will be invited to self-nominate or be nominated by others.