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Michael Lambert (Concordia International School Shanghai) 2017-03-26 01:26:20
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Editor Comments: Editor's Note: This fits very well with the challenge, "Improving Digital Literacy," and I have moved it to that thread. - Michele Cummins (NMC)

Media saturates our students’ world: influences their decisions, helps students improve their learning and substitutes human interaction. In fact, we occasionally need a digital detox. We need a media curriculum that teaches students to think critically, recognize ‘fake news’, shows the student how to develop a visual story, etc. The technology is there – video apps, iMovie, Photoshop, various media software – yet, we view media like teaching a student to read on his/her own while giving them no reading strategies. Media is played 24/7 and preferred choice of instruction in many cases, unlike reading which is often on the student’s sidelines. Crafting a media curriculum is essential that will enhance and support teaching and learning.