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Dates: 15 October 2014 – 10:00am11:00am

Join the NMC and our panel of The Future of Professional Development thought leaders on Wednesday, October 15 at 8am PT / 10am CT / 11am ET. This one-hour session will be held in the Google+ On Air platform and broadcasted live on YouTube. Participation is free for all attendees.

Faculty training does not always acknowledge the fact that digital media literacy continues its rise in importance as a key skill in every discipline and profession. Training in the supporting skills and techniques is rare in teacher education and in the preparation of faculty, museum, and library professionals. In recent years, new kinds of professional development opportunities have arisen in the form of online experiences where education professionals can gain new skills. Massive open online courses, webcast series, and other forms of training, such as the NMC Academyand HP LIFE e-Learning, are making it easier to continuously learn about new technologies and pedagogies. In this special edition of the NMC On the Horizonseries, a panel of experts will explore different professional development opportunities and discuss the evolving training needs of educators.

Meet the Panel

Panel Moderator: Holly Ludgate, Senior Director of Program Development, NMC

Dr. Holly Ludgate has been working in the fields of education, instructional design, technology, and online learning for the past 13 years. This passion for blending education with cutting-edge technology led her to pursue a doctoral degree from Pepperdine University in Educational Technology, where her research focused on gaming immersion in educational settings and fostering 21st century skills through Quest Atlantis. In 2007, Dr. Ludgate became Program Director at Full Sail University, where she launched the online Education Media Design and Technology Master’s degree program. Currently, she is the Senior Director for Program Development of the New Media Consortium (NMC), an international not-for-profit focused on sparking innovation and creativity in learning, where she manages the NMC Academy — the organization’s online learning initiative.

Samantha Adams Becker, Senior Director of Communications, NMC

Samantha Adams Becker is the Director of the NMC Horizon Project and lead writer and researcher for the NMC Horizon Report series, which analyzes emerging technology uptake in various education sectors across the globe. She has an expertise in digital communications, with a special interest in e-publishing, social media, and online learning. She recently co-taught with Holly Ludgate the first course to ever take place on Facebook, which trained educators on how to apply social media into teaching and learning.

Sue Bedard, Course Director, Full Sail University

Dr. Bedard is currently a Course Director at Full Sail University in the Instructional Design and Technology Masters degree program. Prior to Full Sail University, Sue worked in the k-12 public education environment. Sixteen years were spent in Career and Technical Education implementing a wide range of hands on projects while promoting 21st century skills and Web 2.0 tools. During that time she was named Teacher of the Year from several local organizations as well as Florida’s Business Teacher of the Year.Dr. Bedard was selected as an Apple Distinguished Educator in 2013. She is also a Google Certified Teacher and an NMC Ambassador for K-12.


David W. Deeds, High School Technology Integration Coach, American School of Guatemala

David W. Deeds spent 15 years in the corporate world (computers, of course!) before realizing his true calling in life. He’s been teaching, training and managing for 13 years now. David is currently the High School Technology Integration Coach for the American School of Guatemala.


Alex Freeman, Director of Special Projects, NMC

Alex Freeman has seven years of experience working with art museums in a leadership capacity. He manages the NMC’s Museum Initiative, which provides online training and timely research on a variety of emerging technologies being investigated and integrated by museums. Freeman is a co-author and researcher for the NMC Horizon Report series, which analyzes technology uptake across global higher education, K-12 education, and a number of other sectors and regions.

Jonathan Nalder, NMC K-12 Ambassador; JNXYZ.Education; JNXYZ.net

EDUCATION MATTERS. This is the common theme that has directed Jonathan’s journey from being a Learning Support Teacher willing to experiment with mobile devices to improve student outcomes, to receiving Smart Classrooms (Qld) & Learning without Frontiers (UK) Innovation awards, to his previous roles as a One Laptop per Child & Indigenous Education Project Officer, to his current positions as a Senior Educational Consultant for TAFE Queensland (Digital Learning Support), Apple Distinguished Educator, NMC K-12 Ambassador & Horizon Report Board Member, Slide2learn & E20 groups co-founder, Pearson presenter, & is active in the HP Life program. His current passion is looking at how the next generation of tech such as iBooks, Wearables, iBeacons & Apps can combine with the smart pedagogies of SAMR & Challenge Based Learning to impact learners. Find out more at http://JNXYZ.education

About the NMC On the Horizon Series
The NMC On the Horizon series reflects the research and work of the NMC Horizon Project in action. International panels of experts are convened across all education sectors to address the emerging technologies poised to significantly impact teaching and learning.