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Where EdTech Leaders Bring Horizon Project Research to Life

Dates: 4 June 2014 – 10:00am11:00am

This event has already occurred and registration is now closed. You may watch the archived video at http://youtu.be/uspHV3aM_6E?list=PLVwavmSEaasEwWK5PsPoi0o_ZGixcfTIR.


Crowdsourcing refers to a set of methods that can be used to motivate a community to contribute ideas, information, or content that would otherwise remain undiscovered. Its rapidly growing appeal stems from its effectiveness in filling gaps that cannot be bridged by other means, in addition to the spirit of inclusivity in involving communities in content creation and decision-making. One particularly compelling component of this topic is crowdfunding — an effort to raise money through a network of people, typically through a combination of social networks and fundraising platforms on the Internet. In this event, the panel will explore potential applications of crowdsourcing to enhance teaching and learning.

Meet the Panel:


Panel Moderator: Samantha Becker, Senior Director of Communications at the New Media Consortium

Samantha Adams Becker, Senior Director of Communications for the New Media Consortium, is the Director of the NMC Horizon Project and lead writer and researcher for the NMC Horizon Report series, which analyzes emerging technology uptake in various education sectors across the globe. She has an expertise in digital communications, with a special interest in e-publishing, social media, and online learning. Previous to the NMC, Samantha facilitated the digitization of books and periodicals for several of the world’s largest publishers and was the managing editor of a lifestyle magazine.


Emory Craig, Director of eLearning at the College of New Rochelle

As a passionate advocate for the ongoing transformation of higher education, Emory Craig is responsible for the growth and support of eLearning initiatives at the College of New Rochelle with a specific focus on faculty development and the effective integration of emerging technologies in the curriculum. He has worked with both national and international organizations on strategic planning in higher education, the innovative use of technologies in the teaching-learning environment and the future role of academic libraries. He has published and presented numerous papers on a broad array of topics including learning design, the use of mobile and wearable technologies, and social media in the learning environment. He is actively involved in the New York startup community and is currently teaching a course on the impact of the digital revolution on social relations, politics and the media.


Heather Chirtea, founder and Executive Director at Digital Wish.

As a teacher trainer, Heather has conducted over 400 lively seminars on classroom technology integration each year. Heather has co-authored five books on classroom technology; designed more than 60 hands-on technology seminars for educators; launched online services for classroom clip art, worksheets, lesson plans, and formative testing and assessment; and written over 5,000 standards-based test questions. She has served on the board of directors for VITA-Learn (VT) and New England ISTE technology associations. Digital Wish has granted over 13 million dollars in technology to American schools.


Lori Byrd Philips, Digital Marketing Content Coordinator and the former Wikipedian in Residence at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Lori Byrd Phillips is the Digital Marketing Content Coordinator and the former Wikipedian in Residence at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, the largest children’s museum in the world. She has a background in pre-primary and secondary education, and holds an MA in Museum Studies from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. Her research centers on the concept of Open Authority, a term she developed to describe the integration of open, collaborative digital communities with museum dialogue and interpretation.


Yohn Sutton, Zookeeper of Reptiles and Amphibians at the Virginia Zoological Park

Yohn Sutton is a Regional Coordinator for FrogWatchUSA who promotes citizen science through education and innovation. He attended Old Dominion University with a BS in biology and is a zookeeper of Reptiles and Amphibians at the Virginia Zoological Park.