October 28th @ 5pm Central US Time
Free for NMC members / $125 for non-members

Are you looking to implement a new technology in your learning environment? Then this virtual event is for you! In this NMC Beyond the Horizon program, Jonathan Nalder (an Apple Distinguished Educator and an NMC K-12 Ambassador) will provide an introduction to SAMR, an NMC Academy course he created that provides practical ways to apply the framework in different K-12 and higher education contexts. The SAMR model was developed by Dr Ruben Puentedura to help educators select, use, and evaluate technology in support of education.

S is for Substitution, where technology acts as a direct tool substitute, with no functional change. A is for Augmentation, where technology is still a tool substitute, but there is some functional change. M is for Modification, where technology allows for significant learning task redesign. R is for Redefinition, where the capabilities of the technology being employed allow for the creation of new tasks that were previously inconceivable. Joining Jonathan, will be a panel of experts engaged in SAMR projects who will share their thoughts and best practices  on its applications.

Meet the Panelists: (Watch this space as more panelists will be added soon!)
Jona Nalder (Future-U.org)
EDUCATION MATTERS. This is the common theme that has directed Jonathan’s journey from being a Learning Support Teacher willing to experiment with mobile devices to improve student outcomes, to receiving Smart Classrooms (Qld), Learning without Frontiers (UK) and NMC Henderson (USA) awards, to his previous roles as a One Laptop per Child & Indigenous Education Project Officer, Senior Educational Consultant for TAFE Queensland (Digital Learning), Apple Distinguished Educator, NMC K-12 Ambassador & NMC Horizon Report panel expert, JNXYZ Education, Slide2learn & E20 groups co-founder, Pearson presenter, HP Catalyst Fellow, and Explain Everything Advisory Board member. Jonathan has presented across Australia and internationally for Learning Without Frontiers, 21st Century Learning, Mobile Learning Experience, Slide2learn, New Media Consortium, Apple and Ulearn. His current passion is finding solutions for how education can stop failing todays learners and start re-focusing on the challenges a post-work work represent. Are you thinking about this too? Try out the Future Literacies framework at http://future-u.org and let's connect 🙂
Jason D'Argent (Comet Bay College)
As a professional educator and trainer Jason passionately advocates for the use of technology to enhance and transform classrooms into authentic learning environments that promote student autonomy. In the 8 years Jason has taught with the West Australian Department of Education he has organised TEDxYouth events, achieved L3CT status, became a Google Innovator, served as a NMC Ambassador and presented at both state and national conferences on the the innovative use of technology in a secondary educational context.
Matthew Riddle (La Trobe University)
Associate Professor Matthew Riddle Matthew began his career in e-Learning in 1993 working on a series of award-winning projects over thirteen years at the University of Melbourne. Currently Associate Director of Educational Development at La Trobe University, he spent two years as Research Associate at the Centre for Applied Research in Educational Technologies at the University of Cambridge. His work promotes excellence in learning and teaching, innovations with technology, curriculum renewal and learning space design. He has a range of research interests in higher education, including student engagement and retention; student perspectives; active and collaborative learning; physical and virtual learning space design; and online role-plays. Following an OLT project on learning spaces he co-edited a book entitled Physical and Virtual Learning Spaces in Higher Education (IGI Global, 2011) and the topic of his PhD project at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education is Tablet devices in the daily learning lives of university students.