Dates: 17 February 2014 – 8:00am28 February 2014 – 5:00pm

Participate in the First NMC Horizon Project Wiki-Thon
(by invitation only)

Have you ever read an NMC Horizon Report and thought to yourself, I disagree with that! Or: Why didn’t <insert technology> make the report? Or even: Wow, that looks like fun! How can I get involved?

Calling all you edtech dreamers and doers — this one is for you! Over the 12-year run of the NMC Horizon Project, our constantly evolving list of technologies, trends, and challenges have sparked important discussions about the future of learning among educators, students, administrators, and other key stakeholders. For every Horizon Project cycle, an international advisory board of education experts uses this list as their starting point to determine the content of each Horizon Report edition. While our current list is pretty solid, we know that you might have some great suggestions to expand it.

From February 17-28, we invite you to participate in the first ever NMC Horizon Project Wiki-Thon.  During this event, you will engage in an exciting discourse with your edtech peers and propose brand new topics for the Horizon Project. The Wiki-Thon will mimic the authentic Horizon Project process. In the end, you will vote on which of these new technologies, trends, and challenges will be carried forward into our work in 2014 and beyond.

If one of your proposed topics makes the cut, you will be invited to speak about it at an upcoming NMC virtual event. The new topics will also be written up in a special communiqué and disseminated throughout the NMC and broader edtech communities.


  • You must be an NMC C-LAB member or have served on a Horizon Project Advsiory Board to participate.
  • While the discourse will be asynchronous and you can engage in your free time, participants must commit to devoting at least five hours total to the Wiki-Thon over two weeks.
  • Participation is limited. An email invitation will be sent to those eligible for participation on the NMC Horizon Project Wiki-Thon Advisory Board.
  • Feel free to blog or post status updates on the Wiki-Thon all through the process!