Roadshow Concept

We are working with solution hub partners to increase exposure of the courseware suppliers to their target audiences through a variety of activities. Roadshows are based on a modular programming concept, where each iteration incorporates the most appropriate elements for the context and audience. These full-day or half-day events will be held in conjunction with conferences, regional meetings, and other field gatherings to facilitate attendance by captive participants and take advantage of these events’ built-in audiences. We are collaborating with EdSurge to translate and extend the conversations from the face-to-face events into a virtual community of practice (the Digital Learning Network) where discussions can continue year-round.

Programming Options


  • Keynote speech on state of digital learning in higher education [Thought Leaders]

Workshops (1 – 4 hrs)

  • Courseware in Context (CWiC) framework training workshop [Tyton Partners]
  • Interactive workshop on selecting the best digital learning tools for your context [EdSurge] How are institutions discovering, evaluating, and implementing ed tech solutions to address campus pain points? Who are the decision-makers? What information is needed about product functionality and efficacy to make better decisions? EdSurge is using the design thinking process to research these questions and creating resources for postsecondary education providers.

Formal Sessions (40 – 120 min)

  • Thought leader lightning talks [Thought Leaders + EdSurge] Up to five higher education thought leaders will give lightning talks, TED-style. Attendees then break into small group discussions, each led by one speaker and a facilitator, around the role of digital learning in increasing the access, affordability and quality of education for all learners.
  • Panel discussion on iPASS adoption [Research Partners + iPASS Institutions] Predictive analytics and early alert tools enable timely interventions, helping more students succeed. Discover how educational planning technology tools are evolving the role of the advisor, faculty, and staff. Hear from institutional leaders implementing these technologies and transforming campus culture through the Integrated Planning and Advising for Student Success (iPASS) initiative.
  • Panel discussion on digital learning adoption [Courseware Suppliers + Institutional Partners +/- rpk GROUP] Digital learning pathways and adaptive learning environments are revolutionizing education delivery; discover innovations to improve student outcomes through the Next Generation Courseware Challenge funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Learn how institutions are integrating these technologies and hear about the business case for student success and retention initiatives.
  • Panel discussion on meeting the equity challenge [Institutional Partners +/- Courseware Suppliers] Open resources and adaptive technologies are improving learning outcomes and increasing completion rates. Hear from institutions working with digital learning innovators to address broad issues of access, cost, and equality in higher education.
  • Research updates [SRI]
  • Digital Learning Innovation Award spotlight session [Digital Learning Innovation Award winners]
  • Courseware in Context (CWiC) framework introduction [Tyton Partners +/- BMGF, SRI, OLC] Explore a new resource to enable better evaluate digital courseware products and institutional implementations. The Courseware in Context Framework is an evidence-based tool designed to support postsecondary faculty, instructional designers and administrators with information on courseware product features and implementation best practices to inform their important decisions around courseware.
  • Digital Learning Speed Dating [Courseware Suppliers + Institutional Partners] Short learning dialogues (“speed dates”) enabling attendees to determine whether
    each digital learning solution is right for their institution and kick-start relationships.

Informal Sessions (receptions, exhibition halls) 

  • Digital Learning Petting Zoo [Courseware Suppliers + Institutional Partners] Courseware suppliers offer hands-on demonstrations of their platforms’ unique capabilities and key concepts. Institutional partners who have implemented the courseware provide on-the-ground success stories of improved learner outcomes.

Target Audience

  • Full-time faculty
  • Provosts (or Office of the Provost)
  • CIOs
  • Instructional designers
  • Librarians
  • Program chairs
  • Directors of teaching and learning centers, e-learning, online learning, etc.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain insight into innovative technologies that are being developed to help graduate more lowincome,
    minority, and first-generation students.
  • Understand how educators are implementing these tools to increase student engagement and
    learner motivations on their campuses.
  • Discover best practices for implementation and scaling of digital courseware technologies at
    postsecondary institutions.