Virtual Reality Master Class: Learning Through Immersive Experiences

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This workshop is being held at an event:
2017 NMC Summer Conference
06/13/2017 - 06/15/2017
Hyatt Regency Cambridge 575 Memorial Dr. Cambridge, MA 02139-4896
NMCA Workshop Schedule:
06/13/2017 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT
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Join us for a workshop that mixes storytelling, future thinking and experimenting with VR and AR tools. This hands-on workshop offers participants the opportunity to experiment with a variety of immersive tools and apps, including Snap Spectacles, VR cameras, mobile headsets, 3D scanners and platforms. Group projects will be undertaken to expose participants to the workflow of using these tools to create immersive experiences in AR and VR. Discussions will focus on how these new forms of immersive stories will transform learning. Strategies will be developed for implementing virtual and augmented reality in both formal and informal learning environments.

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Virtual Reality Master Class: Learning Through Immersive Experiences

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 Tuesday 13th of June 2017 09:00 AM — 12:00 PM EDT
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Emory Craig
College of New Rochelle

As Director of eLearning and Instructional Technologies at the College of New Rochelle, Emory Craig is responsible for broad range of instructional technology initiatives, faculty development and the integration of emerging technologies in the curriculum. A Frye Fellow and active participant in EDUCAUSE, ACM, and AACE, he has served as a program evaluator and consultant for a number of international organizations. A writer and frequent speaker at conferences, his current research is on the use of social networks to engage students in the global community and the sensory and cognitive implications of wearable technologies and virtual reality platforms in the learning environment. He is actively involved in the New York City startup community and is currently teaching an interdisciplinary seminar on the impact of the digital revolution on mass media, social relationships and the power of ideas.
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Maya Georgieva
Digital Bodies - Immersive Learning

Maya Georgieva is an EdTech strategist, author and speaker with more than 15 years of experience in higher education and global education policy. Her most recent work focus on learning design, innovation, storytelling, emerging technologies, immersive VR and AR experiences and digital strategy. Maya actively writes and speaks on the topics of innovation and the future of education and consults organizations and startups in this space. She serves as a judge and coach to several EdTech competitions and accelerator programs. She is the co-founder and partner at Digital Bodies, a global consulting group focusing on the impact of immersive and virtual technologies on education and society. Maya is a member of the Expert Panel for the New Media Consortium Horizon Report for Higher Education and sits on several educational and corporate learning boards. Maya has been instrumental in developing partnerships within and outside of higher education with startups, corporate and non-government organizations. Previously she was the Associate Director of the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning at the Stern School of Business, New York University. Maya provided strategic leadership to advance academic initiatives that transformed the teaching-learning environment. She spearheaded the implementation of instructional design and technology, learning space design, blended and online learning, digital storytelling and faculty development. Her work and projects focused on design thinking and the innovative use of immersive and mobile technology to foster higher levels of student engagement. Maya is the recipient of the 2014 Campus Tech Education Futurist Award. Watch Maya’s Five Minutes of Fame talk on innovation in education delivered at the 2013 New Media Consortium. In 2014, Maya was invited to deliver her second Five Minutes of Fame talk at NMC with focus on the design of new learning experiences and the future of education. Her work has been featured at EDUCAUSE, ELI, New Media Consortium (NMC), Online Learning Consortium (OLC), SXSW, EdMEDIA, Campus Technology, GMAC, AACSB, Google and Intel Engage Education. In 2010 – 2011, in partnership with XanEdu Publishing Maya lead the iPad pilot initiative at Stern. The project was recognized with the Campus Technology Innovator Award for designing a student centered iPad App.
Digital Bodies is a research and consulting group focusing on virtual and augmented reality and their impact on media, education and society. We partner with corporate, nonprofit and educational organizations in the implementation and use of immersive and wearable technologies. Immersive experiences through virtual reality are the next revolution in technology, an era that will transform how we communicate, learn, understand the world and ourselves. Wearables and smart glasses will become an extension of our natural and creative selves as we venture into new frontiers of storytelling, entertainment, and learning. is the official site for the Digital Bodies – Immersive Learning consulting group. The website is in the Top Ten of EdTech’s 50 Must-Read Higher Ed Blogs and frequently cited . Digital Bodies, is frequently cited as a must-read website for news and analysis of VR, AR and emerging technology developments