Grant Writing

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Here is a sneak peek into Digital Wish’s bag of tricks to win funding. Overview: Heather Chirtea won 10 out of 13 grants she applied for during a winning streak and generating over a million dollars in technology funding for the nonprofit Digital Wish. We’ll give you a sneak peek into Digital Wish’s bag of tricks and share grant-writing strategies that you can immediately implement to win more funding for your school. Dissect each step in the process of generating a winning grant application. Avoid common mistakes made when applying for grants, and get guided tips from the former judges. This is not your average “grants” talk…we’ll help you stack the deck to win! Tasks: In this course you’ll watch a webinar which explains the elements of good grant writing, and then follow the practical task list to lay the groundwork for writing your first grant.

Course Materials

There are 2 activities:
1. Watch a webinar, hear practical stories, and learn the principles of basic grant writing.
2. Follow the task list to set up the foundational infrastructure that every grant writer needs to effectively win grants.

To learn strategies that winning grant writers use to secure funding.
To set up a time-saving system to efficiently find and apply for grants.

Course participants will create the basic infrastructure that will allow them to apply for grant funding.