Arctic Connections: Exploring Ecosystems Around the World

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This course is now in progress…

Led by Polar Bears International and the Arctic Documentary Project, this mini-course will help participants bring the study of climate change into their classrooms by examining ecosystems around the world. Innovative techniques used to study the Arctic ecosystem will guide the entire mini-course, and the lessons will focus on STEMx disciplines through direct interaction with Arctic scientists and explorers. Participants will develop an understanding of the power of imagery to create a digital story by utilizing photos, videos, and maps to inform and inspire actions that benefit global ecosystems. Experience authentic Arctic research through programs and resources such as Tundra Connections (live webcasts from the tundra), the Arctic Documentary Project (a media library documenting 50+ years of changes in the Arctic), and a citizen science project in which students assess the health conditions of polar bears. Artifacts for direct use in the classroom include lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, media–rich resources, and project- and challenge-based learning activities. The mini–course platform contains a community aspect that enables participants to share best practices and learn from one another. Upon completion of the mini-course, educators will have created an outline lesson plan incorporating climate change and ecosystem studies into their classrooms.

There are no definitive pre–requisites. Ideally, teachers will have participated in the previous HP Catalyst Academy Mini-Course, “Polar Bears in a Changing Climate” and/or have basic knowledge of the Arctic ecosystem and the science of climate change.

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  • Google Account & basic familiarity with Google products such as: Google Hangouts and Google+ Communities (Note: These are easy to utilize, and we can guide you through the process.)