HendieAt the opening plenary during the 2015 NMC Summer Conference, NMC  Board Chair Don Henderson and CEO Larry Johnson awarded Jonathan Nalder the Henderson Prize, a special accolade that recognizes leaders who demonstrate exemplary passion to teaching, learning, and innovation.

Hailing from Australia, Nalder is a Senior Education Consultant of Digital Learning for TAFE Queensland and the founder of JNXYZ Education, a strategic planning and consultancy firm for K-12 schools. He is also the author of The iPad is Not a PC, an e-book about app workflows and a co-founder of E20, an education discussion startup. Throughout his 20+ year career, Nalder has advocated for the use of progressive methods and technologies to enrich education; he is passionate about citizen science, Challenge Based Learning, and the SAMR learning model, among others. Nalder is also an NMC K-12 Ambassador and an esteemed member of the NMC Community, well known for his commitment to creativity and innovation.

“Recognition by just about the best education community I know has blown me away,” said Nalder. “I’m just a teacher willing to try new things, and NMC has reiterated their support for people like me and for the innovative spirit of their whole community with this award.”

henderson_prizeAbout the Henderson Prize
The Henderson Prize was created by the NMC in honor of Don Henderson to recognize those who have displayed exemplary ongoing passion for teaching, learning, and innovation. Don Henderson is the NMC’s longest serving board member, and his creativity, curiosity, compassion, and deep commitment to education have been evident throughout his service to the NMC, and reflects the values that the Henderson Prize rewards.

Nalder joins Cheryl Steighner who was awarded the first Henderson Prize in 2013.

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