It’s official! The 2016 Horizon Project International Schools in Asia expert panel has selected the final list of key trends, significant challenges, and important developments in educational technology that will be featured in the upcoming 2016 NMC Technology Outlook > International Schools in Asia, to be released at the 21st Century Learning Conference in February.

Take a look at the summary of results below, and dive deeper into the definitions and discussions of each on the official project wiki. We need your help to include the latest innovative projects, policies, and leadership initiatives that reflect these topics in action.

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I. Key Trends Accelerating Technology Adoption in International Schools in Asia

Long-Term Impact Trends: Accelerating technology adoption in International Schools in Asia for five or more years

  • Proliferation of Open Educational Resources
  • Rise of New Forms of Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Shift to Deep Learning Approaches

Mid-Term Impact Trends: Accelerating technology adoption in International Schools in Asia for the next three to five years

  • Advancing Cultures of Change and Innovation
  • Increasing Use of Hybrid/Blended Learning Designs
  • Rethinking How Schools Work

Short-Term Impact Trends: Accelerating technology adoption in International Schools in Asia for the next one to two years

  • Growing Focus on Measuring Learning
  • Redesigning Learning Spaces
  • Shift from Students as Consumers to Students as Creators


II. Significant Challenges Impeding Technology Adoption in International Schools in Asia

Solvable Challenges: Those which we both understand and know how to solve

  • Balancing our Connected and Unconnected Lives
  • Creating Authentic Learning Opportunities
  • Improving Digital Literacy

Difficult Challenges: Those we understand but for which solutions are elusive

  • Aligning Key Stakeholders Toward Innovation
  • Scaling Teaching Innovations
  • Teaching Complex Thinking

Wicked Challenges: Those that are complex to even define, much less address

  • Challenging Perceptions of Success
  • Competing Models of Education
  • Keeping Education Relevant


III. Important Developments in Technology for International Schools in Asia

 Time-to-Adoption Horizon: One Year or Less

  • 3D Printing
  • Cloud Computing
  • Makerspaces
  • Social Networks

 Time-to-Adoption Horizon: Two to Three Years

  • Augmented Reality
  • Bring Your Own Device
  • Drones
  • Wearable Technology

Time-to-Adoption Horizon: Four to Five Years

  • Affective Computing
  • Flexible Displays
  • Telepresence
  • Virtual Reality

How to Participate
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