Calling all innovative education professionals! Through the NMC, HP LIFE e-Learning is seeking innovative learning-focused organizations or institutions worldwide to join the Sparking Entrepreneurial Thinking program. HP LIFE e-Learning is a free series of online courses designed to build business and ICT competencies within teachers, students, and entrepreneurs across the globe.

Our goal is to stimulate forward-thinking educational experiences that feature the learning and demonstration of real-world skills.

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Three $4,000 USD mini-grants will be awarded by the NMC to learning-focused organizations or institutions that propose to leverage free HP LIFE e-Learning courses to infuse more creativity, entrepreneurship, and critical thinking in their educational programs or classrooms. Of special interest are projects or programs that simulate real-world activities, attempt to solve local and global problems, or educate teachers and faculty on entrepreneurial subjects to weave into their curriculum.

Applications should address one of three pathways:

1) Business Development. Students (ages 13 and up) or participants use HP LIFE e-Learning courses to support them as they develop a business or product — real or simulated. Examples include participants creating budgets, marketing and sales strategies, roadmap projections, or any other kind of materials created for any successful business.

2) Solution Design. Students (ages 13 and up) or participants use HP LIFE e-Learning courses to support them as they design and even execute on solutions that combat a local or global problem. Applications must identify a problem or problems that the mini-grant intends to try to resolve through learning projects and activities.

3) Professional Development. Mini-grant project or program involves institution or organization leaders having their participants or faculty use HP LIFE e-Learning courses for progressive professional development. The goal is for learning practitioners to be able to incorporate more entrepreneurial thinking and subject matters into different disciplines and educational programs for students (ages 13 and up). Applications must describe how the training will be deployed and how it will positively impact practitioners.

Applications are due May 31, 2015. Please contact with any questions.

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About The Author

Samantha Adams Becker, Senior Director of Communications for the NMC, is the Director of the NMC Horizon Project and lead writer and researcher for the NMC Horizon Report series, which analyzes emerging technology uptake in various education sectors across the globe. She has an expertise in digital communications, with a special interest in e-publishing, social media, and online learning. In 2013, she taught the first online course ever to exclusively take place in Facebook, which was geared towards training education professionals to integrate social media into their teaching practices. Previous to the NMC, Samantha facilitated the digitization of books and periodicals for several of the world’s largest publishers and was the managing editor of a lifestyle magazine.