Statement of Independence
The NMC inspires the thoughtful use of technology for teaching, learning, and creative inquiry. As such, we are committed to contributing to the body of knowledge that informs practice and drives innovation in formal and informal learning environments. One way we accomplish this goal is through conducting independent research and publishing unbiased reports and other resources to inform our community of trends, challenges, and technology developments in the areas of teaching and learning. Some of our work is underwritten or otherwise supported through grants, organizational collaborations, sponsorships, or other public and private partnerships. Funding sources do not influence the output of NMC publications or presentations; we do not typically conduct commissioned research for publication. When we do collaborate with partners on sponsored research projects, we make every effort to disclose the relationship between the partner and the NMC. In addition, all major NMC-branded publications are reviewed by content experts and thought leaders. This peer review helps us ensure the integrity of the material we produce and brand as NMC research and publications.

Data Privacy and Ownership
NMC research and publication projects, including the NMC Horizon Project and its subsidiaries, are transparent open data projects. Our partners care deeply about privacy and data security and the NMC is committed to balancing transparency and openness practices with privacy and security practices in our projects. Delphi-inspired projects like the NMC Horizon Project are built on structured and systematic communication with expert panelists. This process is open and transparent up to the point where individual votes are cast to amplify or discount individual trends, challenges, or developments in technology. While anyone can view voting results, including the breakdown of votes by topic, the panelists’ individual, identifiable votes are not made public. Individual panelist votes are kept confidential and are only viewable to, and used by, the NMC for the purposes of facilitating the Delphi-inspired process. Panelists engagement levels and summarized/aggregated voting results are accessible by other panelists and project partners, but this information is not open for public view nor private partnership use.

Survey, focus group, and other research tactics that may collect personally identifiable data or information are kept confidential and only used for NMC research, publication, and promotion purposes unless otherwise disclosed individual participants. Anonymous and/or aggregated data may be shared with project partners or used in NMC publications and promotions. The NMC values collaboration and often works with partner institutions, organizations, and individuals to develop content and conduct research. As such, the NMC is committed to sharing anonymized and/or aggregated data as described above and as outlined in individual project agreements. The NMC is the sole and rightful owner of any data or information collected as part of an NMC project and any secondary uses of these data are subject to the licenses and copyrights indicated below.

Licenses and Copyright
Most resources are published under a very flexible Creative Commons license to allow easy and free reproduction of the publications, remixing, and derivative works. Copyright for the reports and other publications remains the property of the NMC. For more information on the license we use, see This license allows our partners and community the right to distribute, copy, and remix the report in any manner they choose, as long as NMC is credited as the original author of the research.

All materials for NMC projects shall be branded as NMC publications using approved NMC logos and standard NMC naming conventions designated for each publication product or series. Appropriate and approved NMC branding should be included in all dissemination and promotion efforts. Due to the vital connection to project partners, sponsors, donors, and collaborators, other logos and organizational information may also be placed on the copyright page as standard practice, or negotiated to be placed in other areas of publications and in dissemination materials. Additionally, publications shall contain language, as appropriate, to the effect of “This report is a collaboration between the New Media Consortium and the project partner/sponsor.”

The NMC will credit all partners, sponsors, collaborators, and donors contributing to NMC work in printed and web materials, as well as in any NMC presentations, webinars, or other public forums. Any questions about the NMC’s research and publication standards should be referred directly to Eden Dahlstrom, Executive Director (