In everything that the NMC does, from its board of directors to the staff to the members, the NMC informs the decisions that people make about technology through timely and focused research, through events and collaboration, and through engaging people in substantive discourse. To make this happen, we’re working with thought leaders all over the world, all the time, in dozens of countries across six continents. The projects we undertake connect our members’ ideas with those of other innovators, with the singular goal of keeping NMC members at the forefront of effective applications of technology to learning and research.

Work like the NMC Horizon Report series and the NMC’s regionally focused Technology Outlooks allow NMC members to benchmark their work with others around the world, to see where the most exciting applications of educational technology may be unfolding, and to have their own projects listed among them. As a result of its decade-long focus on emerging technology, the NMC is increasingly seen as an important collective voice in advancing innovation in learning-focused organizations all over the world.

Among the organizations with whom the NMC is working to both progress and better understand the use of technology in education are UNESCO, OECD, World Bank, USAID, United Nations University, JISC, Singapore IDA, the Education World Forum, WISE, and many others, in addition to world-leading companies including Apple, Inc. and HP’s Office of Global and Social Innovation.