The NMC Fellows Award, our highest individual honor, is presented to recognize a person’s lifetime achievement and extraordinary contributions to the field of new media. Over the NMC’s nearly 20-year history, five NMC Fellows have been recognized: Ted Kahn in 2003, Carl Berger in 2006, Kristina Woolsey in 2007, Doug Engelbart in 2009, Vinton G. Cerf in 2011, and Lord David Puttnam in 2012.

> 2011 NMC Fellows Award: Dr. Vinton G. Cerf

> 2009 NMC Fellows Award: Doug Engelbart, Ph.D.

> 2007 NMC Fellows Award: Kristina Woolsey, Ph.D.

> 2006 NMC Fellows Award: Carl Berger, PhD.

> 2003 NMC Fellows Award: Ted Kahn, Ph.D.