You are arriving here because you are attending the 2017 NMC Horizon Report workshop at the SCUP Mid-Atlantic Conference. Below is a list of Etherpads labeled by the table you are assigned to. Clicking on your table number will automatically launch the Etherpad. No download or log-in is required. To learn more about using Etherpads, visit Access the 2017 NMC Horizon Report for reference here. A summary of the topics is located on page 3. A summary of the meta-categories can be found on pages 6-7.

Group Discussion Questions:

  1. Select a couple topics or a single meta-category from the 2017 NMC Horizon Report. In your own work, What strategies can you devise to *innovate* in that area?
  2. How can industry and higher education best work together to advance the trend(s), solve the challenge(s), or leverage the technology you selected?
  3. How can you evaluate the success of these relationships and initiatives to demonstrate evidence of improved educational outcomes?

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