OLC Collaborate with Emerging Learning Design
May 31-June 2 | Montclair State University, New Jersey

In the always-changing field of education, working across silos continues to be important for learning and evolving. The digital humanities encompasses all subject areas and gives us the opportunity to break through barriers and work efficiently across departments, programs, and institutions. At OLC Collaborate with Emerging Learning Design (#OLCwELD) almost 20% of our presentations will focus on the digital humanities and we are adding Digital Humanities to our Cohort Meetings. Join us from May 31-June 2 at Montclair State University in New Jersey.

Presentations titled include:

  • Too Hot, Cold, or Just Right: Technology for Numeracy in the non-STEM
  • Rome Research Project: Students and Digital Faculty Research
  • Digital Pedagogies: The Role of the Instructional Designer
  • Innovative Project Based Teaching and Learning Experiences Infusing Literacy.
  • and an informative SPARKS! session by The New Jersey Digital Humanities Consortium.

In addition, the Emerging Learning Design Journal will be debuting their first special issue, focused on the digital humanities, at #OLCwELD on Friday, June 2nd.

To register for OLC Collaborate with Emerging Learning Design, please visit bit.ly/olcweld or eld.montclair.edu

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