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Education is Outdated. Let’s Innovate Teaching!

Join our first ever crowdfunding campaign. In 2014 we provided 5 million educators with free, unbiased information on technology — in 2015, we want to reach 10 million! Your contributions will benefit hundreds of millions of students.

Simplicity: The Essence of Good Design

Part II of the "99% Invisible" series A few months ago, I delivered a talk on “Idea Spaces” at the New Media Consortium Summer Conference in Portland. It was a concept I had been struggling with for quite...

The Black Swan Ball

The Internet. Tablets. 3D printing. Wearable Technology. All once outliers in discussions of possible future learning scenarios, unlikely developments in their early days according to the common wisdom, but...

Talking with Jim Devine

It is always a pleasure to read Jim Devine’s opinion about anything. His clear ideas and common sense make even the most complex ideas sound simple. The breadth of his experience and sharp analytical skills...
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Let’s Talk Online Learning

These are exciting times for online learning aficionados. The recent slew of massive open online courses (MOOC’s) has stirred our imaginations — and much of the recent debates — about the impact of...

Growing the Endowment

I just sent a variant of this post off to many of my graduate students but I wanted to reach a somewhat wider audience. Yesterday Randolph College announced that finally (after 6 years) it has sold...

Learning on the Horizon

During a recent cross-country flight to attend a conference, I settled in with my Samsung Galaxy tablet to read a pre-publication draft of the NMC Horizon Report > 2014 Higher Education Edition, which...
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Education is a Time Machine

Our system of education is a time machine preparing students for yesterday. It has fallen prey to the rearview mirror syndrome, where familiar objects receding in the mirror appear more real than what is...

Of Oxen & Mirrors

  A couple of months ago someone (or more likely someone posting) drew my attend to The Digital Engagement Framework. Always looking for tools that help museums do what they do more effectively and...