Recognized worldwide for our research on emerging technology, the NMC’s research reports and other publications are used in more than 100 countries. Over the years, the NMC has produced a steady stream of targeted research into a wide range of emerging ideas and technologies, including visual literacy, Challenge Based Learning, virtual worlds, learning objects, and more. The NMC Horizon Project, the NMC’s flagship research effort, has produced the NMC Horizon Report series for a decade, with a readership of well over 1.25 million.

NMC members participate in these efforts in a number of ways, and the Horizon Project provides several key examples. NMC experts serve on Horizon Reportadvisory boards to help chart the 5-year horizon for new technologies. Advisory board members lead discussions and follow up on efforts at their institutions with policy makers and other groups as consultants. The NMC Campus Leaders Advisory Board organizes discussions that move the research into planning and practice on campuses. Faculty, administrators, policymakers, and others worldwide read the report to discover new developments that are very likely to impact the practice of teaching, learning, and research on campuses.